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Community for the Art and Soul

Time to get up close and personal here: Expressing myself in song, story and paint has been my lifeline. I have tried and tested creative methods to feel, heal and transcend difficult emotions - and gotten one hell of a lot closer to my authentic self in the process.

Now it’s time to empower others to do the same: Welcome to HART Space.

This community invites art lovers and soul seekers alike to discover their authentic selves creatively.


The only thing aggressive here is the support, the only artistic aspiration is the process. Heaven knows - you might even make a friend or two and grow personally along the way. 

This is what you can  expect: 


  • A closed Facebook group with an exclusive weekly prompt and challenges to spark your creativity, share what you’re proud of and discuss topics you love. 

  • A biweekly online session that centers around a specific topic and allows you to explore it with creative techniques with your fellow creatives.


Sounds good?


Join HART Space here, check out my Instagram and TikTok or hit me up directly.

I love to hear from you. 

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