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Hi superstar, nice to meet you!


Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Susanna Eskelinen and I am a Finnish born, German bred, English speaking free spirit.


I have never felt at home in a place, so I created one in all three languages. 


Writing and reading has always been part of my life, so I pursued a master's degree in literature and linguistics at LMU Munich. I wrote my first poem at the tender age of 9, and never really stopped. 


We moved a lot, so I also created characters for friends by drawing them and their worlds. 


Once I entered the working world, the magic of creativity started to fade into the background.


It was not until December 2020, when I quit my job, that I turned my life into a blank canvas and started reviving my creativity. 


Nine months later “From the Good Place” goes online and I have not looked back. 


All of my creations - be it literature, art or the community - come from the best I have to give to this world:


From the heart, from the soul... from the good place. 


Do you have further questions? I love to hear from you, get in touch!


Smaragdplein 61,  3523 ED, Utrecht, the Netherlands 

 Tel: +31 6 33 01 11 72

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Thanks for reaching out. I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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